Solo Travel In Sri Lanka For Solo Traveller.

Solo travel in Sri Lanka will empower you, challenge you and open your eyes. Sri Lanka Tours by Car and Driver is safer for solo female travellers.
No doubt solo travel is quite interesting but it also comes with its share of drawbacks. Safety is a major concern, more so for females. However, at Sri Lanka Tours by Car and Driver, we try to customise tours that are best suited to travelers specifications. Our team members work with them and offer them valuable suggestions, so that they can get the best value for their money. Travelers can also chalk out an exclusive solo travel package, customized as per their preference. When someone book a travel package with us, we handle all their accommodation, transportation, routing, and to an extent, day to day scheduling to ensure a smooth traveling experience. However the exploring part, we keep it to the traveler only so that he/she can explore a particular destination at his/her own pace. be on your own to explore your chosen solo travel destinations.
We help them with the suggestions, and if required services too, so that they can experience this amazing piece of land to the fullest. Write to us today, and get all the information you want about traveling solo without losing your minds.

Our Solo Tours Are The Perfect Choice When Travelling Without A Companion

Solo tours give you the sense of support that comes from being a part of a group, with the added comfort of your own guaranteed single room, and with no extra single supplement to pay.
  • 24/7 on tour assistance for any emergency
  • Customized itinerary by travel experts
  • Experienced English speaking drivers with well maintained cars
  • No pushing shopping, Focus on qualitative services
  • We assure you a safe, enjoyable and stress-free journey to Sri Lanka.
  • In car services in premium car bookings(water bottles, wet tissues, information guides, city/ country maps, travel magazines)
Going solo gives you the chance to truly discover yourself. Start conversations with the locals, learn something new. Be a photographer, or an explorer. With all the travel arrangements taken care of, you’re free to just be you!
Solo Women Travellers : For solo women travellers in Sri lanka will bring out the strong,adventurous and decisive woman in you.

Solo Travel In Sri Lanka by Car

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